road-tripping the end of the world

the beach

The Beach (The Pilgrimage of Memory)

New work; it’ll be a touch on the long side, 140″x36″, and that could be approaching … difficult, hanging-wise.  I am open to suggestions. I wonder if you can get glass that long.

Something of a start of an exploration of memories that don’t exist, through a pilgrimage to somehow make them exist. The series will expand/extend from Crossroads to a fair degree.


The Ten Days of Cthulhu (Day 1)

Just a working title, will probably change if the next sets hammer themselves into some kind of series. Bit of a flexible exploration of a single space, over a fixed duration, colliding two separate conceptual histories I like to play with – the Hoodoo crossroads ritual, and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Complete with plush Cthulhu effigy.

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