road-tripping the end of the world



It’s been some six months since I last updated, and it’s a new season and a new year, not really sure what happened to autumn, apart from the obvious things that kept me away, from, well, everything. Hopefully 2011 will yield more consistent results. I’m teaching digital photography at Western until april, so at the very least, I’m anticipating some exciting student work coming across my desk.

Meanwhile, a good friend provided me with some photos from my work in 360 degrés’s outdoor exibition Les Visiteurs, in a small town called Joliette in Quebec; I’m told the large vinyl prints from the exhibition have been recycled into re-useable bags and sold at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Montreal, if anyone happens to see them there, snatch one up for me 🙂

I feel like we finished the “Ten Days of Cthulhu” series not too long ago, and already we’re barely a couple months from the season of He Who Is Not Dead But Eternal Lies. Something will have to be done mark the ten days again this year.

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