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Two things in the mail today for which I’d like to express heartfelt thanks (in the order of which envelopes were opened):

The University Student’s Council of The University of Western Ontario has awarded me a “USC Teaching Honour Roll Certificate” for the 2011-2012 academic year, which basically means my student evaluations scored me at 90% or better across the board, which quite frankly means more to me than any paycheck. A big thanks to the USC and an especially huge thanks to my students last year, you all made the experience just incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. I’m honoured you all thought so highly of me as well.

And an enormous thank you and my heartfelt gratitude to the Ontario Arts Council, who have generously awarded me a Project Grant for 2013 that will be of tremendous benefit to my current project, the once and future king. The OAC facilitates literally hundreds of grants every year for artists working in Ontario in all stages of their careers, they are simply essential to the lifeblood of arts in Ontario, and I’m deeply honoured that they’ve chosen to support my work this year. This body of work can now go into “full gear”, and will hopefully be exhibited sometime in 2014-2015.

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And last but not least, thanks to everyone that has supported me in this work and all my endeavors, both practical and personal, over the past years, I literally wouldn’t be here without you.