road-tripping the end of the world


These prints were installed in Crossroads, at the McMaster Museum of Art (, May through August 2009. Click an image to view the full version; hover over for full title. The artist statement follows.

“Crossroads is an installation of large composite photographs chronicling journeys through southern Ontario’s back roads and ghost towns. These landscapes stand as a witness to history, and marked on their forgotten gravel roads and abandoned buildings is a memory of human presence. Located at spaces ‘in between’, these lost roads and vacant villages break down the connections between existing towns, creating empty voids that map the edge of where the world seems to have already started to end. Employing a fictional, post-apocalyptic road trip as narrative vehicle, these prints explore one family’s relationship to the inheritance of the past, and the deals they make at the crossroads for their future.”

Feb 15th, 2010: Added “Inherited Kima’s Mantle (Autumn)” here for the sake of continuity, please note however that said print was not in the original installation of Crossroads at the McMaster Museum of Art

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  2. Matt. I want to buy the railway print…

    March 12, 2010 at 12:49 am

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