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Inheriting Kima’s Mantle, Autumn

The third part to “Inheriting Kima’s Mantle” has settled into a level of completion such that I’m pretty happy with it. It’s been added to the gallery for Crossroads and well, here it be:

Inheriting Kima's Mantle (Autumn), Digital Inkjet Print 70"x44"

The rest of the series is in the aforementioned Crossroads gallery page.

Inheriting Kima’s Mantle is a reflection on the legacy passed down through our family of dogs – a legacy painfully interrupted in the fall of 2008, when we lost both Lady and Faye in the same autumn. Sammy spent only a couple months with Lady, and Max has never known any companion save Sammy, so the inheritance of knowledge that began with Kima years ago was nearly lost. We have always walked our dogs in the same place – the conservation area near my house – in particular, the field near this crossroads featured in these photos. In effect, my dogs have not only inherited Kima’s knowledge, passed down from dog to dog – her teachings, her behaviour, her relationship to the family – but also the mantle of her territory. They walk the same paths, the same fields, chase the same deer, beat down the same long grass, in their own way, but they share in that inheritance that began with Kima.

The landscape becomes a witness and record of this history, this inheritance, and our dogs, Sammy and Max, must take up the mantle of their predecessors, and our family.