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new work: the dismemberment of a shoggoth (the once and future king)

The Dismemberment of a Shoggoth (The Once and Future King)

I felt a bit like I was rushing this post, but it being Halloween, it seemed appropriate.

The Dismemberment of a Shoggoth is the first work I’ve executed in a larger series, at present titled The Once and Future King. I would have liked to have had the full artist-statement on the series completed when I posted this image, but it’s still in the works, but meanwhile, here’s a snippet:

Referencing T.H. White’s portrayal of Merlin as a being who experiences time backwards to normal reality, “The Once And Future King” serves as working-title for a large body of work documenting a series of strange, seemingly unconnected events whose causal mechanisms exist outside of normal time and space. While we are privileged to the ‘effects’ described by these events – the disappearance of a student from an abandoned Jeep, a garage where some monstrous Lovecraftian terror emerged and was summarily dispatched, a paradox of a time-travelling book – the ‘cause’ of these events seems entirely unknowable. The events themselves play across a fictional timeline, punctuated by a system of signifiers drawn from actual reality and historical reference.
Playing with the compression of time on a narrative scale, characters stand in the moment, posing, proud, as if in foreknowledge of the future-historical significance of their present context, a hypothetical “spark event” for a cataclysm yet to come.  The prophetic mode here references, inversely, the truism “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”; within these narratives, history has already predetermined a far-flung future disaster, and while the immediate causal mechanisms of these seemingly random events is unknowable, the certainty of their eventual impact becomes quite monstrous.

Ideally, when complete, the work will be printed around 60″x90″, and funds permitting, on big beautiful lightboxes. I have included some detail shots below to show the level of “readability” present when viewing the work in person, but I’m hesitant to post a full-resolution version at present for a variety of reasons.

More props to the Propnomicon for being an essential resource in the creation of various bloods, goo and otherwise disgusting elements for the scene. Also thanks to my buddy Jer who made me a nice tub of gelatinous congealed grossness he whimsically referred to as “thickened water”. And, as always, my brother for posing for me, and my family for tolerating this level of insanity in their own garage.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Day 2 (The Ten Days of Cthulhu)

Well more appropriately, night 2, I guess these should be “the ten nights of Cthulhu”

The Ten Days of Cthulhu (Day 2)

The bright blue window behind me belongs to a dude working in his garage; we’re wondering how many nights before he comes over and asks what’s going on.

My bro seems hellbent on being as frightening as possible – as frightening as one can be holding a plush Cthulhu. Not gonna write a whole lot about these at this point, I sorta wanna see how the series plays out over the next week.

the beach

The Beach (The Pilgrimage of Memory)

New work; it’ll be a touch on the long side, 140″x36″, and that could be approaching … difficult, hanging-wise.  I am open to suggestions. I wonder if you can get glass that long.

Something of a start of an exploration of memories that don’t exist, through a pilgrimage to somehow make them exist. The series will expand/extend from Crossroads to a fair degree.


The Ten Days of Cthulhu (Day 1)

Just a working title, will probably change if the next sets hammer themselves into some kind of series. Bit of a flexible exploration of a single space, over a fixed duration, colliding two separate conceptual histories I like to play with – the Hoodoo crossroads ritual, and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Complete with plush Cthulhu effigy.