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weekly photo march 1st

The Beach (prototype)

Ok so I cheated multiple times this week, didn’t take long did it?

This is a composite pano, sort of a prototype for another work I shot at the same time but requires a great deal more tweaking because, well, I think it’ll actually be a piece proper.  I must credit Aaron Hobson for inspiring a new tactic to further compress the space in this kind of work, although panos with a definitely-not-wide-angle lens was quite the pain in the ass. Still, I think the compression of space in terms of distance, combined with the panoramic compression, may well aid in that whole fictional projection thing I seem to be hooked on lately. And I’m almost happy with exploiting the depth-of-field here.

Re-reading some Barthes lately; I wonder if the late author would find David Hilliard‘s use of depth of field / tilt-shift focus satisfying to his sensibilities of studium/punctum – Barthes didn’t otherwise seem very satisifed beyond a superficial interest in any photo exploiting such things (a perspective with which I tend to agree, but Hilliard’s work for me is a giant exception).

weekly photo feb 22nd

In My Room (At The Edges of Things / The Borders of Dark)

Parentheticals are fantastic for inserting working-titles for series of which this photo is only loosely related! But there is something to be said for the ceiling of my room after midnight, and the blackness of my closet in the corner.

weekly photo feb 8th

week of feb 8th

No titles just yet; probably threw everything to the extreme for this one, but I think it sinks into some stuff I’m thinking through involving some still life ideas … not too subtle with the shadow, entirely to find out some of the logistics involved. See what happens.